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45 Front End Developer Tools

A Front-End Development Tool is software that allows the front-end developers to build the website layout and UI more efficiently and without any hassle. With the help of such tools – the work of front-end web developers, especially the repetitive or monotonous tasks, gets reduced that subsequently fastens the web development process.

There are numerous front-end development tools out there for various specific requirements such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tools, Code-Editing tools, Deployment Tools, Prototyping & Wireframing tools, Security tools, and many more. Though you’re required to consider various factors before opting out for a particular tool such as your requirements (quite obvious it is!!), offered functionalities, ease of use, platform compatibility, prices, etc.

1) Checklist Design

A place to synthesize website design knowledge through providing information and essential elements when designing website elements such as buttons, cards, tables…

2) Web Gradients

Where to synthesize beautiful gradient background colors for website design.

3) Webframe

Collection of beautiful web application designs and updated weekly.

4) Spline

The application helps you create 3D effects for websites.

5) Type Anything

Web application that allows us to design typography for websites such as font selection, font weight, word spacing…

6) Laws of UX

A collection of best practices for designers when building website user interfaces.

7) Animista

Web application that helps you to practice CSS animation effects for website development.

8) Screenlane

Specializing in synthesizing UI designs for websites.

9) Froala Design Blocks

Synthesize more than 170 UI responsive design for website design.

10) 3Dicons

Collection of free 3D icons for website design and development.

11) Collectui

Summary of UI designs and updated daily.

12) humaaans

Collection of illustrations of people for designers.

13) Design Principles

An open source collection dedicated to providing design principles and methods.

14) Learn Anything

Provide detailed routes when you want to learn something.

15) Standard Resume

A web application to help create beautiful resume/cv for designers, developers.

16) Pictogon

Helps you create interactive images for your website.

17) UI Play Book

Compilation of documents for building UI components.

18) UI Patterns

It helps you discover design patterns as well as how to solve common problems in the website design process.

19) Museum of Websites

Is a place to synthesize the design of famous websites through each development stage. In my opinion, it will help you have a better overview of how to design and develop the interface for the website.

20) UX Challenges

A collection of exercises on Ux design for websites. What I like about it is that in each challenge, there will be specific tutorial articles.

21) UX Project Checklist

A place to help you check if the UX features are up to standard in the design or not.

22) Landing Page Checklist

Synthesize more than 100 tools for landing pages such as choosing a domain name, landing page design software, logo maker…

23) Ray

Online software to help create beautiful images for your code.

24) PixelSnap

Helps you measure the distance between elements in your website with pixel accuracy.

25) patternpad

The web application creates beautiful background patterns for websites.

26) Klart

A collection of beautiful color palettes for the website.

27) Drawkit

Provides free illustration and icons resources for web projects.

28) Get Waves

Tool to create wave animation effects for websites.

29) UXFlow

It makes it easy to create beautiful website layouts in Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD.

30) Code To Go

Synthesize snippets to help you solve common problems in website development.

31) Blobmaker

Helps you to easily create blob effects for web page elements.

32) Webcode Tools

Synthesize generator tools for HTML, CSS, Meta tags, JSON…

33) Responsively

The application helps you quickly test website projects on many different device screens.

34) The Front-End Checklist

It is the place to help you check the essentials when building the front end for the project.

35) Sketch2Code

Make it possible to convert hand-drawn designs to HTML using AI.

36) Bootstrap Magic 4.0

Make it quick and easy to design themes for Bootstrap4.

37) Glassmorphism CSS Generator

Help you create glass effect for website design.

38) UnusedCSS

Remove unnecessary CSS properties for the web project.

39) Magic Pattern

Collection of tools for website design.

40) Cool Backgrounds

Help you create beautiful background image effects for website development.

41) Loremipsum

Helps you create content quickly during website development.

42) Google Fonts

It is a collection of free fonts for websites.

43) Wicked Backgrounds

44) Custom Shape Dividers

Helps you create beautiful shapes for your website.

45) UI Design Daily

Is a place to synthesize UI designs for web design.

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