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What is NestJS? Why Developers should choose NestJS?

What is NestJS?

NestJS is an open-source, extensible, versatile, progressive Node.js framework for creating compelling and demanding backend systems. It is currently the fastest-growing Node.js framework in TypeScript.

NestJS is used for writing scalable, testable and loosely coupled applications. It brings scalable Node.js servers to a whole new level. It supports databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL. NestJS is heavily influenced by Angular, React and Vue and offers dependency injection right out of the box.

NestJS is a framework for building efficient and scalable Node.js server-side applications built with and fully supported by TypeScript. It uses robust HTTP Server frameworks like Express or Fastify. Nest provides a level of abstraction above common Node.js frameworks and exposes its APIs to the developer. This gives a great amount of freedom to use third-party modules.

Features of NestJS

Nest JS is a superset of JavaScript with leveraged typescript. It also supports dozens of specific modules that easily integrate with different technologies and concepts like Mongoose, Logging, Caching, Validation, and Type ORM.

Some of the features are-

  • Easy to learn, master, and use

  • Active codebase maintenance and development

  • Easy unit-testing applications

  • Open-source MIT license

  • Powerful command-line interface used to boost productivity for easy development.

Building blocks of NestJS

Modules: used to organize the code and split features into logical reusable units. Grouped TypeScript files are decorated with “@Module” decorator which provides metadata that Nest makes use of to organize the application structure.

Providers: also called services, which are designed to abstract any form of complexity and logic. Providers can be created and injected into controllers or other providers.

Controllers: responsible for handling incoming requests and returning appropriate responses to the client-side of the application (for example call to the API).

Why Developers should choose NestJS?

JavaScript is a programming language that is older than 20 years. It is the main framework that helps to create business applications and focuses on shifting towards node JS.

Because of the speed of node JS, it crafts the attention of developers providing all the benefits of JavaScript and writing for both back-end and front-end programming languages. However, Nest JS is the fast-growing framework for Node JS. The following are the reasons to choose NEST JS-

  • Efficient and quick response in the development process

  • Easy in maintaining applications and highly scalable.

  • Fastest growing framework for the past 3 years

  • Large community and support.

  • Great documentation

  • Easy in unit testing

  • Nest JS provides you to build microservices, and create high testable, easily maintainable applications.

  • The structure of the application in the nest is based on angular. However, the structure is simple and allows us to pay attention to consumers and the design of endpoints instead of focusing on application structure.

  • Nest JS forces the developers in using a specific architecture by introducing controllers’ services, angular-like modules, loosely coupled contrary, and highly testable.

Companies using NestJS

The benefits of using NestJS are widely recognized by some of the biggest companies that are looking to do more in less time. The most popular ones are:

1. Roche

This multinational healthcare company that operates under two divisions pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and controls the American biotechnology company Genetech is using NestJS on their main website.

2. Adidas

A designer and manufacturer of shoes, clothing and accessories is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. This is probably why they decided to use a highly scalable framework to build large scale efficient applications.

3. Capgemini

This French multinational corporation providing consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services is also using NestJS for their application architecture.

4. Decathlon

Sporting goods retailer with over 1,500 stores in 57 countries chose NestJS as the backend for their web application.

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