Top 5 Best Social Share Vue for Your App

Social share allows your website users to share your website content through their social networks. That gives you more of your website traffic, which is very beneficial to website promotion.

Here are 5 social share Vue with the highest star rating on Github.

1. Vue Social Sharing

With rating 790 star, this is a Vue.js component for sharing links on major social networks. Less than 2kb gzipped.

Demo: Download : Github Rating: 791 star.

2. vue-goodshare

Vue.js-ready™ component. Simple install, extensive documentation, developer support, SEO friendly, many options for customization of appearance, clean code without scripts tracking user activity on the page, high speed.

Beautiful button design already included. Just choose one, add attribute to component and save!

Download: Github Rating: 282 star.

3. vue-social-share

Support site: Weibo, QQ space, QQ friends, WeChat, Tencent Weibo, Douban, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Demo : Download: Github Rating: 120 star.

4. vue-socialmedia-share

vue-socialmedia-share is a vue component for sharing links to social networks


  • No external script loading

  • Opens a new share tab

  • Share Button for:

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. Reddit

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Google +

  6. WhatsApp

  7. Telegram

  8. Email

  9. Pinterest

  • Social Media icons includes in the library

  • Change the size of icons


Download: Github Rating: 40 star.

5. social-app

This project covers things such as integration/interactive with REST API server built with Node.js and Express, user login and authentication, image uploads, notifications, cloud functions, and much more.

Download : Github Rating: 22 star.


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