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Tips and Tools to Help Your Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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Running a successful small business is never an easy feat. With the added pressures of the

COVID-19 pandemic, however, keeping your small business open can feel like an

insurmountable challenge. The key to staying afloat and ensuring continued success may just

be to innovate your small business with updates that will protect your profits. If you need some

help coming up with these changes, consider the following improvements for your business.

Getting Started

If you're in the beginning stages of starting a business during the pandemic, gathering all the

info and paperwork you need to file with the State can feel overwhelming. The good news is you

don't have to go it alone -- it's a good idea to hire help, especially these days when added stress

seems never-ending. With the right online formation service, you can successfully launch your

business and undergo a smoother, faster filing process.

Enhance Security

While times of crisis can bring out the best in people, they can also bring out the worst.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are using the pandemic to their advantage and preying on

vulnerable businesses and customers that are already stressed out. So, if your online security is

below par, now is the time to make improvements. If you fail to take action now, your data or the

data of customers could be put at risk, and you could end up the target of a hack or security


Even under normal circumstances, data breaches can cost your small business big time and

can even cause your business to go under. During times of crisis and economic uncertainty, a

security incident can be even more damaging. If you operate out of an office or storefront,

physical security should also be a priority. Protecting your property and information could be as

simple as installing an upgraded security system.

Upgrade Websites

Your customers may not be able to visit your office or store, but they can still connect with your

small business online. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure that your small

business website is user-friendly and engaging enough to keep your existing customers coming

back and to encourage relationships with new customers. If you are tech-savvy or have a staff

member who is comfortable using tech, you can always use a website builder to give your site a

makeover with minimal time and expense. Many website builders even offer free or discounted

services to help small businesses stay afloat amidst COVID challenges.

Since most customers will connect with your website via a search engine, search engine

optimization is also crucial. This can be a complex process to figure out on your own, although

SEO tips and tools can certainly help. So you may want to consult a professional who can assist

you with this project.

Improve Branding

The right branding can really set your business — and your business website — apart from the

competition. So if you have some time on your hands and are looking to improve your business,

you may want to work on refreshing your brand. There are several elements involved in this

makeover process but each one can add up to an increase in profits for your small business.

You can begin this task by strategizing with your team to figure out how COVID and related

changes have shifted the experience and needs of your customers, your staff, and your overall

business. Be sure to show your team that you are committed to instituting this refresh from the

top down so they will be excited to help your business succeed. Aside from reinvigorating staff,

boosting your brand can also help to excite customers and encourage them to invest in your

small business. So, consider adding this project to your pandemic response plan.

Hopefully, you can use the tips and tools mentioned above to boost your business during these

difficult times. You can DIY most of these improvements, but sometimes you may need a little

help. When this is the case, or when you find yourself short on time, using reliable freelancers

such as virtual assistants and marketing consultants could be your best bet for keeping your

doors open.

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Written by : Marcus Lansky

The Tech Platform


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