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Threads in JavaScript?

A thread is the sequential programs described previously. A single thread also has a beginning, a sequence, and an end. At any given time during the runtime of the thread, there is a single point of execution.

However, a thread itself is not a program; a thread cannot run on its own. Rather, it runs within a program.

The following figure shows this relationship.

A thread is an independent path of execution within a program. Many threads can run concurrently within a program. Every thread in java is created and controlled by the java.lang.

Single Thread

In a single thread or threading, the process contains only one thread. That thread executes all the tasks related to the process. It executes a process in single threading

Multi thread

In a multi-threaded application, multiple threads are executed concurrently. Each thread handles different tasks simultaneously by making optimal use of the resources. In Java, there are two methods to create threads. These are by implementing a Runnable interface or extending the Thread class.

Thread life Cycle


A thread is in Ready state after calling start(). In this state, a thread is ready for execution.


In this state, CPU is allocated to thread and thread is in execution.


In this state, a thread is in sleeping mode for a specific time after calling sleep(). It will resume automatically when the time specified expires.


In this state, thread is temporarily suspended after calling suspend(). It will be resume after calling resume() method.


In this state, a thread is killed after the completion of its execution.

Creating a Thread

There are two ways to create a thread.

It can be created by extending the Thread class and overriding its run() method:

Extend Syntax

public class Main extends Thread {
    public void run() {
        System.out.println("This code is running in a thread");

Another way to create a thread is to implement the Runnable interface:

Implement Syntax

public class Main implements Runnable {
    public void run() {
        System.out.println("This code is running in a thread");

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