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Some useful Linux commands that you probably aren’t using in your daily life.

  • redo the last command but as root

sudo !!
  • open an editor to run a command (probably a long one)

ctrl + x + e
  • create a super-fast disk for IO dependent tasks to run on it

mkdir -p /mnt/ramdisk && mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt/ramdisk -o size=8192M
  • don’t add the command to the history (add one space in front of the command)

 ls -l
history # check the history
  • Fix or change a really long command that you last ran with a text editor

  • create a tunnel with SSH to port that is not open to the public (local port 8080 -> remote host’s on port 6070)

ssh -L 8080: -N
  • Log output but don’t show it on the console

cat somefile | tee -a log.txt | cat > /dev/null
  • Exit terminal but leave all processes running

disown -a && exit
  • Clear your terminal without “clear” command

ctrl + l  # L
  • Paste the arguments of the previous command

alt + -
  • Completely clean and clear your terminal

  • Get CPU info quickly

cat /proc/cpuinfo
  • Get memory info quickly

cat /proc/meminfo
  • Recursively find a text in a directory that have a lot of files in it

grep -rn /etc/ -e text_to_find
  • Find files bigger than 100 MB

find -type f -size +100MB -exec ls -lah {} \;

Create a web server in the current directory to serve files from it

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Find your public IP


Get a tree view of folders only three levels deep

tree -L 3

Get a tree view of processes


Use the last command’s last argument


EDIT: (29–08–2021)

Use the last command’s all arguments


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