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Search Center Settings At The SharePoint Admin Center On Office 365

Welcome to an article on how to configure Search Center Settings at the SharePointAdmin Center on Office 365. Here in this article we will see our options available to Search at the SharePoint Admin Center.

Here we will see how to manage the location from where you want to control the search center for all the sites. It can be different for all sites or same for all.

To configure you need to be a tenant admin. If you are, let’s see how we can do it,

  • Click on the left corner of your SharePoint site to view the apps.

  • Click on Admin.

  • You will come to the “SharePoint admin center”.

  • Select search on the left navigation. You will come here.

  • Click on ‘Search Center Settings’.

  • You will be directed to the screen below where you can view the reports.

  • You can see the location provided here is the default search page of my site collection but if you want to change it to any other site collection, add in the Url of their search page and click OK.

  • This is will be your page where the site collection will use it as a search Data center.

This functionality helps you to configure a single search center for all your site collections.

In this article we saw how to configure Search Center Settings at the SharePoint Admin Center on Office 365. We will see more in my other articles. Until then, keel reading and keep learning.



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