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PS5 Completely Outpacing Xbox Series X in Terms of Popularity, Says New Research

Survey results promising for Sony

Running a PlayStation website can often skew our perspective when it comes to the wider gaming industry. But from where we're sitting, it feels like there's already a momentum to the PlayStation 5 -- something that the Xbox Series X doesn't quite have outside of hardcore circles. And new research, as reported by MCV, brings some statistical backing to this theory.

A "wide-ranging" survey put forward by pop culture agency Experience12 suggests that Sony's upcoming console is winning the next-gen popularity battle by some distance. Over 3000 people were quizzed during MCM Comic Con's online events at the end of June, and a whopping 84 per cent of participants said they were more excited for the PS5 over the Xbox Series X.

The data isn't based on a massive sample size, but it still makes for an interesting read, and is perhaps a microcosm of the bigger picture. Arguably more eyebrow-raising is that only 37 per cent of people said that they plan on buying a next-gen console at launch later this year.

It's also worth noting that the majority of these participants said PS4 is their preferred platform of the current generation. 59 per cent swear by Sony's system, while just 16 per cent went with Xbox One, 14 per cent said PC, and 8 per cent pointed to Nintendo Switch. A lot of these people will be sticking with PlayStation, it seems.

Where would you have ended up on this survey? Do you feel like PS5 is already outpacing Xbox Series X?




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