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PS5 Comes with Display Stand, Other Box Contents Confirmed

PlayStation 5 will ship with a display stand – in Hong Kong, at least. The item – named ‘Base’ here – has been listed alongside other contents that will be included in the console’s box on a distributor’s website. It was uncovered by analyst Daniel Ahmad, although there’s no mention of a PS5 price and PS5 release dateobvs.

Other items included with the console are: a DualSense controller, an HDMI cable, an electrical power cord, a USB cable (presumably for controller charging), and an instruction manual. Ahmad does mention that while this information is accurate for Hong Kong, it could change on a regional basis, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

It’s also unclear whether the base will allow you to position the PS5 vertically and horizontally. The console is an unusual shape, and thus will require a display stand in both positions. We’ll obviously follow up with Sony to try and get clarification, but given how little we know about the next-gen system right now, we’re not expecting a response.




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