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One Retailer May Have Just Confirmed The PlayStation 5’s Launch Price

Sony left two key pieces of information out of their PlayStation 5 announcement stream last night that have left gamers in debate: the final release date and the price. While Sony has not committed to anything more than a vague Holiday 2020 window for the PlayStation 5, nothing concrete has been confirmed for the next-generation console's launch price. Now, one online retailer has listed pre-orders for Sony's upcoming console that might provide hints to the console's launch price.

As one of the first retailers to list the PlayStation 5 console (with Bluray drive), Play-Asia has led the market with a price that might cause quite a stir in the console wars. With the first listings available online, we might see Sony's flagship console ship in December 2020 with a price tag higher than expected.

According to a brand new listing on Play-Asia, the PlayStation 5 with BluRay will retail for $699 USD. This price exceeds the PlayStation 3's infamous $599 USD for the higher-end 60GB model and may push it out of the budget of some interested gamers. With a limited number of product pictures and information on the pre-order page, Play-Asia hasn't confirmed what cables will come with the base console or even what the rear ports will look like. Expect a high-speed HDMI cable, USB Type-C (perhaps male-to-male to charge via the front Type-C port), and power cable. An included microphone might be entirely optional given the array microphone that Sony is including inside the DualSense controller.

Thinking of picking up a second DualSense controller for playing Astro's Playroom (the free title bundled with all PlayStation 5 hardware) on your PlayStation 5? Those may set you back $79.99 according to a similar listing on Play-Asia's page.

As always, prices and release dates are subject to change but Play-Asia is so far your first online retailer to offer pre-orders on the PlayStation 5. Be sure to keep checking back as we get more news on pricing and availability for the PlayStation 5 in the weeks to come.




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