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Top 6 JetBrains IDE for Developers

JetBrains specializes in intelligent, productivity-enabling tools to help you write clean, quality code across. NET, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C#, and C++ platforms throughout all stages of development.

Below we have JetBrains IDE for Developers which will increase their efficiency and productivity:

1. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent, context-aware IDE for working with Java and other JVM languages like Kotlin, Scala, and Groovy on all sorts of applications. Additionally, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate can help you develop full-stack web applications, thanks to its powerful integrated tools, support for JavaScript and related technologies, and advanced support for popular frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, Jakarta EE, Micronaut, Quarkus, Helidon. Moreover, you can extend IntelliJ IDEA with free plugins developed by JetBrains, allowing you to work with other programming languages, including Go, Python, SQL, Ruby, and PHP.


  1. Markdown document support makes writing well-formatted documents a breeze.

  2. OpenApi spec support makes designing & maintaining your API much easier.

  3. PlantUML diagram support prevents your team from complaining that diagrams are too tedious.


  1. The number of default plugins could be smaller. Start small, and let users add later according to their needs.

  2. Activity workflows support leaves much to be desired.

  3. On complex projects, dependency management is not too reliable.

2. CLion

CLion is a smart, cross-platform IDE that can be used to develop applications in multiple programming languages. With that said, the system focuses mainly on C+ and C++. It offers support for essential technologies and other functionalities are obtained from built-in tools and extensions. CLion facilitates the development of clean code with the help of its on-the-fly code analysis, insights, automatic line completion, code formatting, and smart code editor.


  1. It is designed with user-friendly and easy navigation, thus starting new projects, and opening existing and editing projects is easy.

  2. A smart code editor that analyzes and decodes the context of code to provide instant conclusions.

  3. It scans the code for errors while it is being typed. If the error is detected, the code is highlighted to get the user's attention.

  4. Supports CMake; a cross-platform system that extends the usability of the application through the various tools provided.

  5. Uses version control systems such as Git, Subversion, Mercurial, and GitHub.


  1. It does not have an inbuilt compiler and hence you have to download and install the compiler.

3. PyCharm

PyCharm is a dedicated Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing a wide range of essential tools for Python developers, tightly integrated to create a convenient environment for productive Python, web, and data science development. PyCharm makes a complete and comprehensive IDE for working with the Python programming language.


  1. A plethora of productive shortcuts

  2. Ability to view the entire Python source code with a single click

  3. Availability of an array of plugins

  4. Easy-to-use

  5. Excellent community support

  6. Facilitates faster code development

  7. More powerful, the commercial version is available

  8. Straightforward installation process


  1. Costly paid version

  2. This may pose issues when trying to fix tools like venv

  3. Not suitable for Python beginners

  4. Resource-intensive application, i.e., requires plenty of memory and storage space

4. PhpStorm

PhpStorm, a Java-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment), is an innovative code editor created by JetBrains to aid web and PHP developers. Leveraging IntelliJ IDEA, the software is able to provide developers with a platform for writing code in various languages such as Emmet, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. It is basically a lightweight version of IntelliJ that provides additional features for PHP support. PhpStorm provides top-notch coding assistance, a comprehensive understanding of codes, and support for PHP tools and major IDE frameworks.


  1. PhpStorm is a comprehensive, project-based platform filled with cutting-edge tools and features designed for coders with experience under their belt and who are looking to develop large apps and professional platforms.

  2. Use the IDE on several development platforms and carry an environment conducive to development with them.

  3. Secure and fast refactoring functionality.

  4. Excellent tracing option for inheritance.

  5. The text editor is highly configurable.


  1. The IDE is not free

  2. Requires a lot of Random Access Memory (RAM) to run, optimally 16GB

  3. Lacks support for some newer languages such as PreCSS

  4. No support for NoSQL databases such as Redis

  5. It has a steep learning curve. Developers need time and training to use the IDE at its full capacity.

  6. Can be sluggish when loading large codebases.

5. WebStorm

WebStorm is an integrated development environment for coding in JavaScript and its related technologies, including TypeScript, React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, HTML, and style sheets. Just like other JetBrains IDEs, WebStorm makes your development experience more enjoyable, automating routine work and helping you handle complex tasks with ease.


  1. It works very well with JavaScript and even other programming languages as well.

  2. The cool editor can provide lots of insights including suggestions.

  3. Good integration with code repositories and version control system.

  4. Much more support for plugins


  1. Works well with Windows and macOS. But sometimes gives trouble with Ubuntu.

  2. Sometimes the version control gives a headache.

  3. It provides only a limited number of color and file icon themes

6. DataGrip

DataGrip is an advanced multi-engine database integrated development environment created for professional SQL developers to allow them to perform queries and execute schema navigation efficiently. Designed by JetBrains, the system highlights the built-in drivers to help support different engines such as Exasol, Derby, AWS Redshift, DB2, HSQLDB, Microsoft Azure, H2, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. DataGrip offers many data introspection and some advanced functionalities to facilitate object transformation and development to fit the supported language.


  1. Can move and modify code blocks, format code according to the styles, and can organize selection with multi-cursor.

  2. Queries can be performed in different modes and allow activity tracking.

  3. Empower users to explore the database. Offers database introspection functionality that allows the editing and design of objects to fit supported language.


  1. It is a technical and professional tool so not designed to be friendly and is not easy to use.

  2. It doesn’t run fast, compared to similar tools. It will be very sluggish when working with high-volume databases.

  3. It can use memory in GB.

  4. The cost is relatively high.


1. ReSharper:

ReSharper is an IDE used for .NET developers. It supports C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XAML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, etc. It has a powerful unit test runner and other code templates suitable for .NET production. All keyboard shortcuts in ReSharper are taken from the Visual Studio keyboard.

2. Rider:

Rider is also an IDE for .NET Core, .NET, ASP.NET, etc. It gives great development experience in .NET languages. The UI used is similar to that of IntelliJ platforms. It is well known for its speed. The Rider developers also promised zero latency in this. It also works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It provides various refactoring suggestions and indications for the C# language.

3. RubyMine:

RubyMine is used for Ruby on Rails projects. It has a user-friendly interface and inbuilt debugger. It is available on multiple platforms like macOS, Windows, etc. It helps us to be productive in every aspect of Ruby production. RubyMine comes with frequent updates and has inbuilt support for common gems. RubyMine supports editor configuration and debugger console.

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