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How To Create A Blank Logic App In Azure


Azure Logic Apps is a fully managed integration platform as a service which provides a way to automate workflows and business processes. You can easily integrate across different services in the cloud and on-premise through connectors. In this article you will see how to create a blank logic app which will send an email to a Gmail account when a new tweet is posted with the text “SharePoint” or #SharePoint

Create a logic app

  • Log in to the Azure Portal.

  • Click New-> Enterprise Integration -> Logic App.

  • Enter Name, Subscription, Resource Group and Location as shown in the screenshot. Click Create.

  • It will take a few minutes to complete the deployment.

  • Once the deployment is completed, navigate to the respective resource group and then click Overview. Click MyFirstDemoLogicApp.

  • Click Blank Logic App.

  • Click Twitter

  • Click “Twitter – When a new tweet is posted” trigger.

  • Sign in to create a connection to Twitter.

  • Authorize Azure Logic Apps to access your account.

  • Enter the search text and set the frequency to trigger.

  • Click New Step -> Add an action.

  • Select “Gmail – Send email” action and sign in to create connection to Gmail.

  • Fill the required details to send email.

  • Save the app. Click run to execute the logic app manually.

  • Successfully received email to my Gmail account.

  • You could manage the logic app by navigating to the respective resource group and by clicking Overview.


Thus in this article you saw how to create a blank logic app in Azure.



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