How to Build a Chatbot That Can Interact Like Humans

The progression of artificial intelligence is at its height with smart, AI-powered chatbots evolving the marketing and customer support landscapes.

Developers are focusing on how to build a chatbot that is more human-like. And you should too if you want to improve real-time customer engagement.

It is surprising to witness what chatbots can do without human support. There are chatbots that can tell you the latest news, some can teach you a new language, and some can talk like your partner.

And then, there are automation bots like Alexa and Google Assistant that can help you seamlessly take care of your everyday chores.

However, the most popular use of chatbots is to provide enterprise-level customer support. In fact, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used an AI-powered chatbot for customer support in 2018 and it is expected to rise to 85% by 2020.

So what is a chatbot all about? How can you build a chatbot that can interact like humans? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an AI-powered computer program that simulates interactive conversations. It uses pre-calculated user phrases, voice commands, or text-based signals to allow a form of communication between a human and a machine.

Chatbots: Facts and Trends You Should Know

Every year there are approximately 265 billion customer requests and companies spend as much as $1.3 trillion to serve them. Building and implementing chatbots can help companies save 30% on this.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the chatbot market was valued at $703 million in 2016. And the market has witnessed a compound growth rate of 35.2% every year from 2017-2019.

Businesses are expected to invest more into building chatbots to improve customer interactions. In fact, AI is expected to power 95% of customer interactions by 2025.

Clearly, chatbots are here to stay and grow.

How Can Chatbots Help Grow Your Business?

Building smart chatbots can help you grow your business as:

  • They are not a replacement for human interactions. Instead, they can act as a filter for customer requests and thereby, they can empower your customer support team and save you time.

  • They ensure instant responses and therefore, make your customers feel valued.

  • They boost your brand’s reputation by carrying out friendly, helpful conversations with your customers.

  • Building a chatbot is easier and more cost-effective than creating a new application.

  • Millennials love the speed of communication and convenience offered by AI-powered conversational chatbots.

How to Add Human-Like Characteristics When You Build a Chatbot

Why is Siri such a hit among masses? It is because it is the closest thing to human-like conversations that a bot can possibly do today. It speaks in a human voice, it can answer your questions, crack jokes, and even perform certain tasks for you.