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How to add BCC in Outlook

Outlook is a widely used email client that offers a range of features to make communication more efficient and productive. BCC can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when you want to keep someone in the loop without causing unnecessary email clutter. In this article, we'll explore how to add BCC in Outlook, step by step.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and it allows you to send a copy of an email to some recipients without revealing their email addresses to the other recipients.

What are the benefits of using BCC?

  1. Reduce the risk of your recipients receiving a message that contains a virus or spam from other recipients or third parties.

  2. Protect the privacy and security of your recipients’ email addresses and prevent them from being exposed to strangers or unwanted contacts.

  3. Avoid filling your recipients’ inboxes with unnecessary replies or messages that are not relevant to them. You can also remove someone from an email thread without alerting the other recipients or causing confusion.

  4. Copy someone on an email for informational purposes without involving them in the conversation or expecting a response. You can also delegate a task to someone else without making it obvious to the other recipients.

How to add BCC in Outlook

Follow the below steps to show bcc in Outlook when sending a mail:

STEP 1: Open a new email message or reply to or forward an existing message.

STEP 2: In the message window, go to the Options tab and click on Bcc or ⋯ > Bcc to show the Bcc field.

How to add BCC in Outlook

STEP 3: In the Bcc field, type the email addresses of the recipients you want to hide from other recipients. You can also use the To or Cc button to select contacts from your address book and then move them to the Bcc field.

STEP 4: In the To field, enter at least one email address. This can be your own email address if you don’t want anyone to see who you are sending the message to.

STEP 5: Compose your message and click Send when done.


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