How to Add a Watermark in Microsoft Excel

Here is a tutorial on how to add a watermark in Microsoft Excel. While Excel doesn’t provide any direct option to insert watermarks into your workbooks, you can still watermark an Excel sheet. There are some steps you need to perform in order to do so. In this guide, I am going to discuss two ways to add a watermark in Excel. Let’s get started!

How to Add a Watermark in Excel

There are two methods to insert a watermark in Microsoft Excel including:

  1. Add a Watermark using a picture file

  2. Create and then add a watermark

Let’s discuss these methods in detail!

1] Add a Watermark using a picture file

You can add a watermark to an Excel workbook using your own picture. It can be a stamp, your logo image, or any image that you want to use to watermark an Excel file. Let’s check out the steps for inserting a watermark using this method.

Firstly, open your workbook and go to the Insert tab. From here, click on the Text > Header & Footer option.

Now, a Header & Footer tab will appear on the Excel ribbon. Go to it and click on the Picture option.

Next, browse and import the watermark image from your PC, Bing Image Search, or your OneDrive storage.