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Groups On One Drive In Office 365

Welcome to an article on Groups, which you can create on One Drive on your Office 365 portal. Here we will see how to create new groups on One Drive and its features, which can be used for our daily purposes.

Groups on One Drive will provide you a mailbox, a calendar, a notebook, and a place to upload your files and various other features.

As we have seen in my previous article (link) how to create a group here, we will see what features our group has.

Welcome to the group, I have named it SharePoint Group as you can see from the screen below.

Let’s discuss about group features one by one.


Here under conversations you can mail or share your thoughts to all the members of the group. It will act as a private Outlook mail box for the members of the group. This mail box will only be viewable by the members of the group.


Here you can have a private calendar of your SharePoint group and for the members of the group. Again this will only be visible to the members of the group.


The group has a default One Drive link to share your files within the group and among the members. It will work like a SharePoint library with all the members having access to the files.


Your groups give you One Note to use this as a notebook and share it with your group members.


You can add social connectors to the group to get all latest feeds from apps like Twitter, Yammer etc. directly on your group.

Configuration of the group

How to configure the group settings here?

Click on the menu option on the right corner of the group.

  • Members - Here you can view/add/ remove members.

  • Add to Favorites – You can add this group as your favorites.

  • Edit Group - Here you can edit the group details.

  • View Details - Here you can view the group details.

So in this article we covered important functionalities of Groups on One Drive at our Office 365 portal which will be a great added feature available to be used for our work.



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