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Greenheart Punt (CBD)

The health benefits of cannabidiol are becoming common knowledge, shooting them from the fringes to mainstream acceptance. CBDs, as they are colloquially known, have found efficacy in pain relief, reducing anxiety and depression, providing relief for acne, and is extremely beneficial to the heart.

Despite these stellar benefits that CBDs offer, there is still the problem of funding faced by CBD farmers. The lack of funding of CBDs by banks and other traditional financial institutions has left many scratching their heads as the CBD industry is projected to be a $13.4 Billion marketplace.

As the lack of funding adds unnecessary hurdles to the growth of the CBD industry, Greenheart CBD comes to the rescue with the revolutionary Greenheart Punt, the first DeFi platform for CBD Finance. This is great news for the growing healthy industry that is benefiting most from CBDs, as the gift that keeps giving finally meets DeFi.

Greenheart Punt

Greenheart Punt is the world’s first DeFi platform for financing CBDs. This platform brings together the wondrous benefits of CBDs with the global reach, scale, and speed of raising funds through DeFi to ensure the sustainability of the industry. The platform seeks to provide direct lending and community lending direct to farmers through smart contracts.

Blockchain will be deployed to ensure transparency throughout all the levels of production from seed to the refined product. In addition to proving provenance, this will have the added benefits of improving the yield and ensuring only the highest quality CBDs hit the shelves.

Greenheart Punt is the innovation by Greenheart CBDs which is one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the world and has successfully incorporated groundbreaking technology in their production process. Since its launch, the company has seen month-on-month revenue growth of 22% and a 130% growth quarter-on-quarter.

Greenheart has developed the first dApp marketplace for CBDs built on the Origin protocol. On their digital marketplace, users can purchase CBD products through the platform's native token, Greenheart Punt, or Ethereum.

The Greenheart Punt Token

Greenheart token PUNT is being rebranded CBD. Coinmarketcap has yet to update its information and Coingecko has yet to list CBD. It is currently only trading on DigiFinex as a USDT:PUNT pair.

The Greenheart Punt Token is the native token. The project is backed by 1,000 litres of Greenheart CBD oil with a current retail value of around USD4 million.

Future of Greenheart Punt Token

For the CBD industry to grow globally at a rate that can meet the demand, it needs access to funding. PUNT provides this.

Greenheart has a well-crafted roadmap and is working through them on schedule. Community building and social media launch was scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 while the second quarter will see the release of the white paper, mobile app, and dApps store launch.

The third quarter is scheduled for platform partnership while the fourth will see a global expansion and the creation of the CBD funding platform.


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