Get Started With SharePoint Migration - Overview Of Sharegate Migration Tool - Part Two


In the first part of the SharePoint migration series, we talked about the preparation of the site structure, and which access rights do we need for the SharePoint migration.

In this article, we will talk about the overall idea of the Sharegate software. If you did not read the first part, visit that using the following URL.

So now, let’s get started!

Overview of Sharegate Migration tool

This article covers,

  1. Overview of different Sharegate migration options

  2. Establish a Connection

  3. Copy Structure

  4. Copy Content

  5. Copy Option

Overview of different Sharegate Migration options

Sharegate provides the below options for migration.

  1. Copy Structure

  2. Copy Content

  3. Import from File Share

  4. Import from Google Drive

Establish a Connection

We need to perform the following steps to connect with the source and target environment in Sharegate.

  1. Open Sharegate Tool.

  2. Click "Add Connection".

  3. It will open the following screen.