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Elon Musk’s Boring Company completes underground tunnels in Las Vegas

Elon Musk’s Boring Company completes underground tunnels in Las Vegas

The tunnels for Elon Musk’s underground transportation system in Las Vegas were finished Thursday.

Musk’s Boring Company -- which is separate from Tesla -- completed construction on the second of two tunnels beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), according to a press release from the LVCC.

Drilling on the first tunnel was completed in February, FOX Business reported at the time.

The tunnel system will be called the “Convention Center Loop,” according to the Thursday press release.

Once it is complete, people will be able to travel across the 200-acre convention center in less than two minutes in all-electric Tesla vehicles.

There will be three stations in the convention center where people can get on the loop.

The convention center itself is in the midst of an expansion of 1.4 million square feet.

The expansion is more than 80 percent done and is expected to debut in January 2021, according to the press release.

"This milestone not only helps usher in the future of transportation in Las Vegas, but it signals the destination's ability to push through during trying times and continue to meet the evolving needs of our visitors," Steve Hill, LVCVA’s CEO and president, said in a statement.

"Las Vegas continues to break through boundaries, and we look forward to offering this first-of-its-kind transportation solution to our convention attendees,” Hill added.

According to the release, the entire underground transportation system cost $52.5 million.



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