Creating Azure Functions For SharePoint Operations Using Managed CSOM


In this article, you will learn how to create Azure function apps to test SharePoint operations, using Managed CSOM code.

Azure function is a way to run the solutions or piece of code over the Cloud. It helps in processing the data or integrating other systems or even working with the internet of things devices.

In this sample, let us see how to integrate SharePoint operations onto an Azure functions app, using Managed CSOM. Any complex code (CSOM) can be written and executed on the Cloud.

Functions can be triggered in multiple ways. Here, we will create HTTP trigger function. More details and pricing information about Azure functions can be found here

To start with, I have created a simple Azure function, which retrieves the site title.


  • Microsoft Azure account with Azure functions app.

  • SharePoint Online portal

Steps involved

From Azure portal, create a new function app.