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Create Time Slots in PHP for Given Time

This is a user-defined PHP function that is used to split a time slot between the start and end time using time intervals. The function takes a start time, end time, and time interval as input and gives an array as the output.

Example Code:

function SplitTime($StartTime, $EndTime, $Duration="60")
    $ReturnArray = array ();// Define output
    $StartTime    = strtotime ($StartTime); //Get Timestamp
    $EndTime      = strtotime ($EndTime); //Get Timestamp

    $AddMins  = $Duration * 60;while ($StartTime <= $EndTime) //Run loop
        $ReturnArray[] = date ("G:i", $StartTime);
        $StartTime += $AddMins; //Endtime check
     return $ReturnArray;

//Calling the function
$Data = SplitTime("2018-05-12 12:15", "2018-05-12 15:30", "60");
echo "<pre>";
echo "<pre>";


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