Copy Files From SharePoint To An Azure Blob Storage Using Microsoft Flow

Updated: Mar 16, 2019


In this article, you will see how to copy files from SharePoint to Azure Blob storage using Microsoft Flow. Whenever a file is added to a SharePoint document library folder, the Flow copies the file to an Azure blob storage.


  1. Create an Azure storage account

  2. Create a blob container

Steps involved -

  • Navigate to the Flow site.

  • On the top navigation, click My flows.

  • Click "Create" from templates.

  • Type “Azure blob” in the search box, select "Copy files from a SharePoint folder to an Azure Blob" folder.

  • Sign up for your SharePoint site by passing the credentials.

  • Click "Create" to connect to the Azure Blob Storage.

  • Enter the following details and click "Create".

  1. Connection Name –a user-friendly name for the connection

  2. Azure Storage Account Name & Azure Storage Account Access Key – Copied from Azure Storage Account settings page as shown in the below screenshot.

  • When a file is created trigger – Select the site address and folder Id from where the documents have to be copied.

  • Create file action – Select the Folder path where the document to be stored and the default values for the parameters can be edited by clicking "Edit".