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Changes to the Intune Exchange On-Premises Connector

Today, we're posting about an upcoming change that might impact customers who use the Intune Exchange On-Premises Connector.

Intune Deprecating the Exchange On-Premises Connector Intune is deprecating the Exchange On-Premises Connector feature from the Intune service. This does not affect existing customers with an active connector, they will be able to continue using the connector for the time being.

The only customers that will be impacted are those that do not have an existing active connector. Those customers will no longer be able to create new connectors or manage on-premises EAS devices from Intune.

How this will affect your organization If you are not already using the Exchange On-Premises Connector, but want the functionality this service provides, you will need to use a different method to enable Conditional Access for Exchange on-premises. Microsoft recommends the use of Exchange hybrid modern authentication (HMA) to protect access to Exchange on-premises. HMA enables both Intune App Protection Policies (also known as MAM) and Conditional Access through Outlook mobile for Exchange on-premises.

What you need to do to prepare If you are an existing tenant with an active connector, you will be able to continue with the current functionality at this time. For all other customers, consider your Exchange environment requirements and review the Exchange HMA if you need protected access to Exchange on-premises.

If you have any questions on this upcoming change, just comment back or ask your question directly by tagging @intunesuppteam on Twitter!




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