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Blocked File Types On Web Applications In SharePoint 2016 Central Administration

Here, you will learn how to define file types that should be allowed or disallowed on SharePoint sites and collections. This configuration will apply globally on the complete farm.

This helps to prevent certain file types which you think can be at risk for the security of the organization.

How to configure it?

Let’s open Central Admin of SharePoint on your machine. On your Windows desktop screen, click Start >> Administrative Tools >> SharePoint 2016 Central Administration.

  • Run it as an administrator to have elevated privileges.

  • You will see the screen below.

  • Central Admin is configured under the categories given below.

  • You will see Web Applications.

  • Click on "Manage Web Applications".

  • You will see the screen given below.

Here, we can see various options to work with the Web Applications.Let’s see them from left to right in different parts of the article.

We have four categories, where the events have been categorized.

  • Contribute

  • Manage

  • Security

  • Policy

In this part, we will see “Blocked File Types” under "Security” category.

As we can see from the screen above, we have the following file types which are blocked. You can add more as per your security definition of the company.

The following are the file types blocked by default, by SharePoint.

File Types

ade adp asa ashx asmx asp bas bat cdx cer chm class cmd cnt com config cpl crt csh der dll exe fxp gadget grp hlp hpj hta htr htw ida idc idq ins isp its jse json ksh lnk mad maf mag mam maq mar mas mat mau mav maw mcf mda mdb mde mdt mdw mdz msc msh msh1 msh1xml msh2 msh2xml mshxml msi ms-one-stub msp mst ops pcd pif pl prf prg printer ps1 ps1xml ps2 ps2xml psc1 psc2 pst reg rem scf scr sct shb shs shtm shtml soap stm svc url vb vbe vbs vsix ws wsc wsf wsh xamlx

Once you click OK, the file types mentioned by you will be blocked throughout all sites and site collections in the web application.

In this article, we saw how to block certain file types on the web application. There are more features under managing the web applications which we will see in the next article.

Until then, keep reading and keep learning.



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