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Best AI Detector Tools for Your Business Needs

With the internet booming, more and more content is written by computers, not people! This AI (artificial intelligence) stuff can create everything from descriptions of products you might buy to entire blog posts. While it's pretty cool what computers can do, it is difficult to know if something you're reading was human-written. Here AI detector tools come in. They help us to figure out if a computer or a real human wrote something!

What are AI Detector Tools and Why are They Important?

AI detector tool is a software application designed to identify AI-generated content. Also known as AI content detectors or AI writing detectors, these tools help ensure the originality and authenticity of written content. They play a crucial role in maintaining trust and credibility online.

AI detector tools use algorithms to analyze text for patterns and statistical giveaways that might indicate AI authorship. These techniques include statistical analysis and pattern recognition.

The tools compare the analyzed text to vast databases of human-written and AI-generated content. By identifying characteristics commonly found in AI-written content, such as repetitive phrasing or superficial information, the tools can flag potential AI involvement. However, it's important to acknowledge that AI detector tools have limitations. Highly refined AI content, especially from advanced models like GPT-3, can sometimes evade detection.

Best AI Detector Tools

Here's a table summarizing the best AI detector tools:





Scribbr AI

AI Detection Accuracy (reported)

High (94%+)

High (90-96%)

Good (70-80%)

78% - 84%

Paraphrased Content Detection

Decent (60%)

Limited (20-30%)



Free plan



Yes (limited)


Focused on the latest LLMs

Yes (v3.0 Turbo)




Additional Features

  • Fact checker

  • Readability checker

  • Blog support

  • Testimonials

  • LMS Integration

  • Plagiarism Checker API

  • Writing Assistant

  • Browser Extensions

  • Codeleaks

  • GenAI Governance

  • AI Grader

  • AI Summarizer

  • AI Paraphraser

  • AI Grammar and Spell Checker

  • Word Counter

  • Citation Generation

  • Templates

  • Videos

  • Lecture

  • Slides

  • How-to-articles

Best for

  • Content Creators

  • Educators

  • Businesses

  • Educators

  • Content Creators

  • Basic AI detection needs

  • Individual users

  • Students

  • Academics

  • Writers


Originality.AI is a powerful tool for content creators and consumers alike. This platform boasts high accuracy (over 94%) in identifying AI-generated content, particularly text created by popular models like GPT-3 and ChatGPT. But Originality.AI goes beyond basic detection. It also offers a decent success rate (around 60%) in detecting paraphrased content, ensuring a more comprehensive analysis of content authenticity.

Best AI Detector Tools for Your Business Needs


Pay-as-you-go: $30 (one-time)

  1. 3000 Credits (1 Credit Scans 100 Words for Plagiarism and AI Checking, 1 Credit Scans 10 Words for Fact Checking, Additional Credits $0.01/credit, 2 Year Expiry)

  2. AI Scan

  3. Plagiarism Scan

  4. Readability Scan

  5. 30-Day Scan History

  6. Shareable Reports (File Upload‍ docx, doc, pdf, No API, No Full Site Scans, No Scan from URL, No Team Management, No Tag Scans, No Access To Future Features)

Base subscription: $14.95 per month

  1. 2000 Credits (1 Credit Scans 100 Words for Plagiarism and AI Checking, 1 Credit Scans 10 Words for Fact Checking, Additional Credits $0.01/credit, 1 Month Expiry, Renews Each Month)

  2. AI Scan

  3. Automated Fact Checker

  4. Plagiarism Scan

  5. Readability Scan

  6. Unlimited Scan History

  7. Shareable Reports

  8. File Upload docx, doc, pdf

  9. API

  10. Full Site Scans

  11. Scan from URL

  12. Team Management

  13. Tag Scans

  14. Access To Future Features


  • AI Checker: This core function analyzes text to pinpoint the likelihood of AI authorship.

  • AI Plagiarism Checker (combines AI and plagiarism detection): This feature goes a step further, identifying not just AI-generated content but also potential instances of plagiarism from human-written sources.

  • Fact Checker: Originality.AI adds another layer of value by helping to verify the factual accuracy of your content.

  • Readability Checker: Ensure your content is clear and easy for your target audience.


  • Blog: Originality.AI offers a valuable blog packed with insights on content creation, AI detection, and best practices.

  • Support: Should you encounter any issues, their dedicated support team is readily available.

  • Testimonials: See what others say about their positive experiences with Originality.AI.


  • Paraphrased Content: The success rate for detecting paraphrased content is lower than AI detection.


Copyleaks is a comprehensive suite of tools to safeguard content authenticity and originality. This well-rounded platform excels at detecting AI-generated content and boasts robust plagiarism detection capabilities. Copyleaks helps educators, content creators, and business owners to inspect written work.

Best AI Detector Tools for Your Business Needs

Copyleaks integration:

  1. LMS Integration: Effortlessly integrate Copyleaks directly into your Learning Management System (LMS) for seamless plagiarism and AI content detection within your educational environment.

  2. Plagiarism Checker API: Developers can leverage Copyleaks' powerful plagiarism checker API to integrate content originality checks into their applications.

  3. AI Content Detector API: This API allows developers to integrate AI content detection functionalities into their platforms.

  4. Writing Assistant: Enhance your writing with Copyleaks' AI-powered writing assistant. This tool offers grammar, sentence structure, tone, and overall mechanics.


  1. AI + Plagiarism Detection: $13.99 per month (up to 1200 credits, Multiple forms of paraphrasing detection, detection of AI models like ChatGPT and Gemini, API access, two users)

  2. Plagiarism Detector: $8.99 per month (up to 1200 credits, Detecting from source code plagiarism, cross-language detection, two users, API access)

  3. AI Content Detector: $7.99 per month (up to 1200 credits, Detecting in 30 languages, Detecting AI Models including chatGPT and Gemini, two users, API access)


  • AI Content Detectors: Identify AI-generated content with exceptional accuracy.

  • Plagiarism Detector: Uncover potential plagiarism from both human-written and AI sources.

  • Codeleaks: This unique feature detects plagiarism in source code, ensuring transparency and originality in your development projects.

  • Writing Assistant: Craft clear, concise, and error-free writing.

  • Gen AI Governance: For businesses embracing AI content creation, Gen AI Governance tools help establish responsible AI adoption policies.

  • AI Grader: Educators can use AI Grader to assess standardized tests at all levels.


  • Blogs: Stay informed with insightful blog posts on AI, plagiarism, and best practices for content creation.

  • Testimonials: Discover how others are using Copyleaks to achieve their content goals.

  • News and Media: See Copyleaks featured in leading publications.

  • Case Studies: Explore real-world examples of how Copyleaks delivers results.

  • Help Center: Access comprehensive resources and support whenever you need it.


  • No free plan: Copyleaks offers various pricing plans, so it's important to find the one that suits your needs and budget.


For those seeking a free AI detector tool with good accuracy for basic detection, ZeroGPT emerges as a compelling option. This user-friendly platform caters to individuals and businesses and offers functionalities to ensure content authenticity.

Best AI Detector Tools for Your Business Needs


  1. Free (15,000 Characters per AI detection, 5 Batch files check, History of all your detections (text not included), 1,500 Words in AI Summarizer, 300 Words in AI Paraphraser, 1,000 Words in AI Grammar & Spell Check, 1,000 Prompts in ZeroCHAT-4)

  2. Pro: $7.99 per month (Enjoy a Pro Experience without ads, 100,000 Characters per AI detection, 50 Batch files check, Generate PDF report for AI detection, History of all your detections (text not included), 1,500 Words in AI Summarizer, 300 Words in AI Paraphraser, 1,000 Words in AI Grammar & Spell Check, 2,000 Prompts in ZeroCHAT-4)

  3. Max: $18.99 per month (Enjoy a Pro Experience without ads, 100,000 Characters per AI detection, 75 Batch files check, Generate PDF report for AI detection, History of all your detections (text not included), 10,000 Words in AI Summarizer, 5,000 Words in AI Paraphraser, 10,000 Words in AI Grammar & Spell Check, 3,500 Prompts in ZeroCHAT-5)


  1. AI/GPT Detector: This core functionality analyzes text to pinpoint the likelihood of AI authorship, particularly content generated by GPT models.

  2. ZeroCHAT-4: While details are limited, ZeroGPT offers a feature called ZeroCHAT-4, which likely focuses on detecting content from specific AI models like ChatGPT-4.

  3. AI Summarizer: Condense lengthy text into concise summaries, powered by AI technology.

  4. AI Paraphraser: Rephrase your sentences while maintaining meaning, leveraging the power of AI.

  5. AI Grammar & Spell Checker: Ensure your writing is polished and error-free with ZeroGPT's AI-powered grammar and spell-checking tools.

  6. Word Counter: Track your word count effortlessly, a valuable tool for writers and editors.


  • Supports Multiple Languages: Expand your capabilities by analyzing content in various languages.

  • Generate Report: Receive detailed reports on the analyzed text, aiding in content evaluation.

  • Highlighted Sentences: ZeroGPT conveniently highlights sentences flagged as potentially AI-generated, streamlining your review process. is a writing platform that uses AI technology to help students, academics, and writers of all levels. This feature-rich suite offers a one-stop shop for proofreading and editing, plagiarism checking, citation assistance, and more – all powered by the benefits of AI.

Best AI Detector Tools for Your Business Needs

Price: Free


  • Proofreading and Editing: Harness the power of AI-powered editing to identify and rectify errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. Human editors are also available for a more nuanced touch.

  • Plagiarism Checker: Identify potential plagiarism with's advanced plagiarism checker. This tool scans your text against a massive database of academic and web sources to ensure the originality of your work.

  • Citation Generator: Never struggle with citations again!'s AI-powered citation generator creates citations in various academic styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago.


  • Templates: Get a head start on your writing projects with customizable templates for essays, proposals, dissertations, and more.

  • Video Guides: Benefit from a library of informative video tutorials that guide you through the writing process, from brainstorming to final polishing.

  • Lecture Slides: Educators can leverage's pre-made lecture slides to jumpstart their classes on topics related to writing and research.

  • How-To Articles: Gain in-depth knowledge with comprehensive articles that provide a step-by-step guide to craft flawless essays, proposals, and dissertations.

  • Improved Writing Skills: Develop stronger writing skills through AI-powered feedback and access to valuable learning resources.


  • AI Editing Accuracy: While AI editing is highly effective, it might not catch all nuances requiring human expertise.

  • Citation Generator Limitations: Complex citations might require manual adjustments for complete accuracy.

Choosing the Right AI Detector Tool

The market offers a variety of AI plagiarism checkers (applicable if the tool checks for human vs AI origin) and content authenticity tools.

Choosing the right tool depends on several factors, including:

  • Accuracy: How effectively does the tool detect AI-generated content?

  • Features: Does it offer additional functionalities like GPT detection (identifies content from OpenAI's GPT-3 model) or AI paraphrasing detection?

  • Budget: Free and paid options are available, catering to different needs.

  • Ease of Use: Consider how user-friendly the interface is.

Which tool to select?

  • Focus on AI Detection: Originality.AI and Copyleaks are likely the most accurate for AI-generated content detection.

  • Need Plagiarism Checking: Copyleaks excels in both AI and traditional plagiarism detection.

  • Free & Basic Needs: ZeroGPT is a good free option for basic AI detection.

  • Writing & Editing Focus: offers AI-assisted proofreading and editing, not core AI detection.


These tools are helpers, not replacements for your judgment. But by using them wisely, you can ensure the content you encounter (and create) is honest and reliable. As AI keeps growing, these tools will too, keep the online world a truthful place.


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