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Top API for your Projects

Application Programming Interface (API) is a software interface that allows two applications to interact with each other without any user intervention. API is a collection of software functions and procedures. In simple terms, API means a software code that can be accessed or executed. API is defined as a code that helps two different software’s to communicate and exchange data with each other.

It offers products or services to communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented.

Why we need API?

  • Application Programming Interface acronym API helps two different software’s to communicate and exchange data with each other.

  • It helps you to embed content from any site or application more efficiently.

  • APIs can access app components. The delivery of services and information is more flexible.

  • Content generated can be published automatically.

  • It allows the user or a company to customize the content and services which they use the most.

  • Software needs to change over time, and APIs help to anticipate changes.

Top 10 API for your Projects:

1. Bored API

Bored? Try using this API that will suggest different activities to fight off your monotonous lifestyle, the best part is that the activities are not bounded just to a particular topic but there is lots of diversity which make it interesting like “Learn how to make a website”, “Organize a cluttered drawer”, “Plant a tree”, “Compliment someone” and a lot more. In this era of “work from home”, this is an apt API that you can use to build an “activity generator” that generates random fun activities.

2. Meme Generator API – Imgflip

Who doesn’t like memes? Almost every social media platform is occupied by memes, even companies use memes for advertisements and increasing engagement with the audience. This API has a variety of range of meme templates that you can edit according to your choice and make memes easily.

3. Responsive Voice API

Are you interested in voice enabling your site with just a few lines of code? It doesn’t necessarily require machine learning and virtual reality. The responsive voice API allows you to transform any text into speech. As voice search is becoming an essential component of eCommerce and virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming more common so a project based on voice recognition would be quite interesting.

4. MealDB API

It is an open, crowd-sourced database of recipes from around the world. If you are planning to make a food-related website then this API is perfect for you, it consists of different food items its ingredients, recipes with step-by-step instructions. It also suggests a variety of dishes by just mentioning the available ingredients.


It provides many amazing APIs like you can get the weather on Mars, see photos of the space or listen to sounds of space. It also provides an API called Astronomy Picture of the day that shows one new picture from space every day.

6. Trivia Questions API – jService

This API consists of a collection of 156,800 trivia questions, which you can use to build your next side projects like a trivia or a quiz app. It has questions from various categories like television, animals, sports, food, quotations, and many more, it also has “stupid answers” categories which consist of questions that have answers which are correct but at the same time sounds stupid like :

7. Unsplash API

Most of us are familiar with the website Unsplash which provides high-definition images and photos for free that you can download and use for your projects but only a few know about the Unsplash API, you would be amazed to know that even runs on this API. So if you are planning to make a wallpaper app or an app that requires stock photos then this API is all that you need.

8. QuickChart API

Charts make projects/reports visually more attractive. The QuickChart API generates chart and graph images, these static chart images can be embedded in SMS, emails, reports, and chatbots. Charts are not the only thing, this API also generates QR codes and PDFs so you can even use this API for your next project.


The OMDb or Open Movie Database API is a RESTful web service that is used to obtain any movie-related information. This API offers methods for searching movies or TV shows by episodes, titles, ratings, keywords, and more. So if you are planning to make a project that requires movies or TV shows data or a movie search app then this API is a perfect fit as it is easy to use.


If you want to bring the engaging power of GIFs to your app then GIPFY is all you need, it provides access to an ever-growing content library of GIFs and stickers. Whether it is WhatsApp or Telegram GIFs are everywhere so a project like a chat app would get a perfect touch by embedding this API.

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