66 Growth Hacking Tools You Need to Test!

Over the years there has been an increasing awareness of the many tremendous benefits that growth hacking offers to startups. While there are divergent opinions on what growth hacking is all about, there is one thing that is consistent about growth hacking and it is hinged on the fact that it expedites the rate at which a startup grows and when applied properly can catapult a startup to immediate and unparalleled success. Growth hackers use many tools to handle their tasks and today I want to share with you 66 growth hacking tools you need to test. No matter if you are building a startup from scratch or if you have a more advanced business, these tools will help you grow. Growth hacking is often viewed as a form of marketing (A kind of marketing 3.0), however, there are differences and the growth hacking definition is more complexed than that. The distinction between traditional marketing and growth hacking is quite simple to grasp. While traditional marketing performs a broad range of functions that extensively covers a wide range of aspects, such as awareness, acquisition, brand equity, and so on, growth hacking strategy is entirely focused on the singular goal of increasing growth. Growth goes further than acquisition because it also involves data, programming and product development. Indeed, the growth hacker’s job is not only to grow your marketing channels but also grow (improve) your product according to data or feedback collected in order to make it more user-centric. The most important element for a growth hacker job to be successful: he/she needs to possess aptitudes to apply his/her growth hacking skills with always a technical mindset. A comprehensive understanding of how technology operates, the various ways in which people utilize technology, the various technological movements and progressions, and which tool is most applicable for a particular startup. It is quite common to find that growth hackers would require the assistance of a programmer (When they cannot code themselves). There are a variety of functional tools that can help marketers and growth hackers with a technical mindset to be fully efficient while handling a long list of processes such as integrating tools, as well as constructing landing pages, etc... In other words, there are assortments of tools that can give growth hackers and marketers a tremendous advantage in the growth hacking field as long as they possess a technical mentality. In the past few years, there are so many growth hacking examples that have been successful and I hope with this list, you'll be able to find your own growth hack. At Growth Hackers, we tested hundreds of different tools and we came up with the list below. In line with the aforesaid, here is a comprehensive list of growth hacking tools that would enable growth hackers make significant impact in growth while eliminating the need for a programmer or programming skills. If you don’t want to test all the growth hacking tools, we divided our selection into 13 different categories: 1. Task automation 2. Lead Magnets / Landing Pages 3. Analytics 4. Emails 5. ‘Multi-Disciplinary Tools’ 6. Content Boosts / Exposure 7. SEO/ASO 8. A/B Testing 9. Social Media 10. Feedback 11. PR (Public Relations) 12. Gmail Plugins 13. Others

Let’s go with our selection of the top growth hacking tools

#1 Task automation

  • IFTTT IFTTT is one of those classic growth hacking tools that everyone knows and uses. We do too at Growth Hackers. It is a very effective tool that is employed in the creation of statements called applets. Applets work with over 300 applications making it very effective across an extensive variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, emails… IFTTT works by automating web application operations. For instance, posting a particular content across many social networks. Let’s say you posted a picture on Instagram and want it to be automatically posted on Twitter: you can set it up in seconds. IFTTT is also effective in tracking various progressions of a link email or mentions across various platforms.

  • Zapier Zapier is one of the surest ways to get a growth hacker or a marketer ahead even if he or she is not a developer. Zapier is beneficial in a number of interesting ways such as allowing for easy web app connection and automation of processes. Zapier can automate various processes which make it very easy for you to generate sales leads. Zapier is an effective way to get ahead in growth hacking as it is fast, efficient and convenient to use even for an inexperienced marketer. Furthermore, Zapier enables you to integrate a significant number of third-party apps. In addition to Zapier, I suggest you to have a look to these 6 other tools for your marketing automation.

#2 Lead Magnets / Landing Pages

  • LeadPages Landing Pages and CTAs: this growth hacking tool is particularly beneficial when trying to grow your blog. Lead pages and the creation of landing pages are relev