5 Tips to Declutter and organize apps, emails, Messages, Photos and more.

Over the course of a year, apps, emails, messages, photos, and more naturally pile up. Ready to hit the reset button on your iPhone’s organization? Read along for 5 ways to organize and declutter iPhone including some easy (and advanced) automation for a better everyday experience and boosted efficiency.

With millions of apps and countless ways to communicate, work, play, and capture moments on iPhone, it’s understandable that our devices that get clogged up with extra stuff that we don’t need, particularly with many iPhones now having 128GB of storage or more.

Below we’ll look at some manual steps to organize and declutter your iPhone, as well as some simple and advanced automation to take advantage of to help you get your phone running like a well-oiled, highly useful machine.

Before you get started if you want to get an overview of how many apps, photos, videos, and songs you have on your iPhone, you can head to Settings > General > About.

5 tips to organize and declutter your iPhone