33 Growth Hacking Examples to get Inspiration from

Transforming your business with practical growth hacking techniques and by taking inspiration from successful growth hacking examples.

Today, I want to give you a list of growth hacking examples that worked for many companies in the world. I suggest you have a look at those in order to get inspiration and boost your creativity. However, I want to make it clear that these growth hacking examples worked for these companies because they have experimented a lot before succeeding. There are many growth hacks and we chose for you what we consider the best growth hacks of all time.

A bit about growth hacking first.

Growth hacking offers a very exciting opportunity for emerging businesses to gain awareness and increase market share through alternative marketing techniques. While there is a proliferation of growth hacking methods that could be adopted and implemented, the key to identifying a growth hacking technique that most adequately promotes your business would be through testing. In most cases, companies would have to test a variety of growth hacking methods before identifying the one that most suitable grows the marketability of organization’s product or service. The approach to marketing that is adopted by growth marketing is entirely motivated by the need to grow profitability. Hence because the fundamental focus of growth hacking is to identify the most suitable marketing strategy that grows a business, all effort is concentrated on discovering and utilizing the most effective marketing strategy that grows business hence growth hacking is particularly effective when it comes to increasing profitability as oppose top traditional marketing because growth hacking has only one target which is growth.

Growth Hacking is a mindset rather than a toolset

Contrary to erroneous impression about growth hacking, growth hacking is a mental attitude and approach to marketing that has been developed by technicians and experts who are constantly driven by ways to grow a business market share and profitability from nothing to millions. Even if you can find many great growth hackings tools around, if you don't have the right mindset, they will be useless. Growth hacking explores various channels, procedures and creative content in the bid to examine their efficacy. The general idea behind growth hacking is to grow customer base and profitability. Hence, once this mental attitude is incorporated in all procedures and stages of business, you can expect to see a noticeable upsurge in customer base and patronage. When it comes to growth hacking techniques, the fundamental principle remains that you keep trying processes and marketing options until you determine the one that most suitably satisfies the target of growing customer base, conversion rates and sales.

To start the growth hacking process, you should define a marketing strategy first but that's not it. Growth hacking is not entirely focused on the marketing phase of business as the development of creative content and product development would also require iteration. It is imperative to understand that you would constantly have to modify creative process and product development to suit the ever changing customer trend. The phases involved in creative process would typically consist of the incubation, conceptualisation, and elaboration phase where the idea is carried out. When it comes to growth hacking, all of these processes are not straightforward as they appear as each phase would have to undergo a series of testing and modification to ensure conformity and alignment with customers’ preference and taste which is constantly evolving. Essentially, growth hacking is not only a marketing approach but is also an integral part of product development as products would have to be tailored to meet customers’ liking. At this junction, it becomes an absolute necessity to understand the various methods to growth hacking. However, before we dabble into the various approaches to growth hacking, it is important to note that growth hacking is entirely centered on customers. Customer preference and satisfaction is the focus of growth hacking. For effective and practical growth hacking, you would have to find out a great deal about your customers in the form of who and where. Understanding what your target market is inclined towards and what they would like to see and experience in the product is fundamentally crucial to growth hacking. Through the use of scientific approaches to data collection such as a survey, you can gather relevant information about customers which would be incorporated into product development. This is a continuous process as the product would have remodeled to suits changing customer taste and preference. Growth hacking has to be persistent and information has to be gathered constantly from customers through a variety of credible methods. While growth hacking is a marketing strategy, it can also be incorporated into product development with astounding results. Gathering information through scientific methods, interviews, and other online survey tools for accuracy is vital to the entire process as erroneous customer information can be misleading. Consistency of growth hacking in product remodeling and modification is imperative to meet up to changing customer preference. I recommend you to check the complete growth hacking definition to know all about it.

Understanding the astounding practice of growth hacking

Growth hacking has tremendous benefits that would increase profitability and revenue of the business. Furthermore, growth hacking is particularly advantageous to small and upcoming businesses in ways that amplify the effectiveness of marketing and marketing results in the form of conversion rates, sales and increase in customer base. Growth hacking is a consistent and systematic process that effectively integrates inventiveness, analytics, marketing, product design and other variables to improve product awareness and acceptability while propelling sales and profitability forward. It is quite pervasive to find the flawed impressio