10 Content Marketing Tactics for your Startup Blog

If you have a blog, I am sure you didn’t create it for yourself... The goal, of course, is to have your articles read, if possible by the greatest number of people. We will see that blogging is not so complicated, it is still relatively simple. The hard part is actually to be consistent and providing quality content regularly. Content marketing is a great channel, which should be part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. Blogging will boost your traffic, increase your leads and sales. I want to share a little secret with (Not so much a secret actually but you might not know it): content should be in the centered of your strategy and should be worked on as soon as start building your startup or business. If you don't have one yet, stop what you're doing and focus on content creation and curation from today. Today, I am going to give you 10 content marketing tactics for your blog in order to help you increase your blog traffic, the visibility of your articles and improve the SEO of your website. All this with the final objective to grow your startup revenue with a blog.

Content marketing tactics to boost your blog visibility

Your website content is the one instrument on which it is essential to focus your efforts. It is important to ensure that your website visitors find rich and entertaining enough information and want to return to it. In order to do that, you need to A/B test landing pages, blog articles, calls-to-action, contact page or homepage content. Then, you need to have a strategy in place to promote your content and you need to use digital marketing tips and tactics to do so. You will find now the most important content marketing tactics you need to implement to be on the right path to startup success.

#1 Have great content on your blog

Creating quality content is key. This is an obvious one but a lot of bloggers don’t actually do it. If you do not know on what topic to blog, you will not go anywhere... Of course, you must write on a subject that you are passionate about and you are knowledgeable, but that’s not it! To write quality content, you need to talk to your audience and find out what they are interested in. You need to find the sweet spot between what you're passionate about, what you want to say and what your readers want to read. Creating buyers’ personas can be very helpful before producing any content. You want to produce quality content, not marketing content. Your content needs to be helpful for your readers, not for search engines.

To be effective, your content marketing strategy should be aligned to your startup goals. Building your content around your strategy is key. You need to use content to guide your readers through the purchasing cycle. Lack of inspiration? There are few tactics to go help you with creativity. The first reflex to adopt is to take a look at your previous articles, and see which have generated significant traffic. This may seem obvious (or silly), but if your goal is to boost the visibility of your blog, check what worked for you before. You can check which topics you covered, the number of sharing on social media... Google Analytics or any analytic software you use to check your website statistics will be your best ally here. Obviously, if you are new and didn’t start your blog yet, this tactic is not (yet) for you; here are other ideas to give you inspiration… A first idea is to create “How to” content or guides. How-to or guides work well and usually answer specific questions that your audience may ask. Another idea is to interview influencers in your niche. By interviewing influencers, you will take benefits of content marketing as well as influencer marketing, both at once. You can also search on the Internet what the popular content are. You can search on search engines but I recommend you to use platforms like BuzzSumo, Feedly or Epictions to get inspiration. In those free-to-use platforms, you can easily find which topics are the most popular and the most shared in your niche.

#2 Be creative to have a blog that stands out

There are many ways to uncover content ideas, so you should never run out of content or ideas.