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Want to Write an Article /Blog

*If you don’t know how to write an article or blog

  • Choose a technology or topic of what you are passionate about

  • Write something you think is not on the internet and would help other people to learn

  • It can be from 100 words for blogs and 500 +words for articles

  • Make it a habit to write at least 50 words each day

  • Once the habit become a passion, you will have interest on sharing your knowledge with others

  Still you think, you need help. Contact Us.


*If you are writer and your personal blog is not reaching the people

  • SEO of the site patterns on keywords and content

  • We at TheTechPlatform, performs SEO on each article/blog which matches the pattern on Google/Bing Search and hence your article will have more viewers

  • Send us your article by mail or by uploading it on your profile

  • You will find the more average hits than on your personal blogs

  Still you think, you need help. Contact Us.


*If you are a writer and want to be migrate on the site

  • We will migrate your content from your personal blog/other network to our platform for free

  • You will have more ownership on this platform than it was on others

  • Your content will achieve more views and you will be successful in sharing your content worldwide

  • Click here to submit this request. Contact Us.

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Interested to do Podcast/Weblog

You ever wonder to share your knowledge through a podcast or a weblog but you don’t have adequate tools for the same.

Don’t worry, we will provide you a complete platform with tools which will help you to have your podcast from recording to cleaning to storing and sharing with millions of people.

If you want to do a web conference and you don’t have a license for 3rd party companies. Don’t worry, reach out to us, we will assist you on the same.

All for free.

Still you think, you need help. Contact Us.

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Want to be a Tech influencer

Being an Influencer is to reach a larger audience through your tech blogs/articles/videos. If you have plans to be one The Tech Platform provides one to one interaction with you to set up your profiles on the web as an influencer.

Reach out to us to know more. Contact Us.

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Interested to be a Speaker/Orator

If you know how to speak at conferences or local user groups, click here to submit your sessions and we will reach out to you.

If you are confused and you need guidance, we will glad to help you grow. Contact Us.

If you are ready to speak, submit your session here.

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